Medici villa holidays in the province of Prato

The history of Tuscany and especially that of Florence are to the vicissitudes of a powerful family, the Medici, who through the centuries has expanded its power from this city across the region.

A witness of the splendor and fortune achieved by this family come together in some beautiful Tuscan villas built or purchased by members of this illustrious family of the fourteenth century and the seventeenth century.

These residences outside surrounded by a pleasant bucolic scene was not only a place of leisure as an alternative to hard work and commitments of political life in the city, but also a safe and guaranteed by a range of production and a territorial presence in place to monitor throughout.

Medici villas in the province of Prato

Two of the most beautiful Medici villas are located in the outskirts of Prato. Most of the homes belonged to this family can be visited in the nearby province of Florence .

As some open to the public only by reservation should go after the call.

Villa di Poggio a Caiano
Giuliano da Sangallo produces commissioned by Lorenzo the Magnificent this magnificent villa, built by an underground structure.

To see the magnificent facade decorated with a frieze earthenware, immortalized in the early scenes of the film The affinities of the Taviani brothers (it is a copy, the original can be admired inside the house). In the succession of rooms there are many works which deserves attention, as of beautiful nineteenth curtain fell in the hall of the theater. Then in 'apartment of Bianca Cappello, you can see two paintings attributed to Paolo Veronese. Up the monumental staircase to access the main floor where the hall of the frieze, which, as the name indicates, contains the precious decoration once placed on pronaos cosmetic. A frescoed corridor in neoclassical style allows you to enter the room of the beautiful Rosina, companion of King Vittorio Emanuele, this environment, like many others, was still the sumptuous furnishings of the period. We conclude this excursus among the fast treasure house of visiting the heart, the living room of Leo X that is intended to celebrate the glories of the house, keeps wonderful frescoes by Pontormo.
Address Piazza dei Medici, 12 - Poggio a Caiano
Telephone 055 877012

Villa Artimino
Built by Ferdinando I de 'Medici, the villa was built in just four years, between 1596 and 1600, by Bernardo Buontalenti, representing the masterpiece of his artistic maturity. The impressive building is situated on the ridge of a hill which overlooks the Arno valley. Favorite summer residence of Ferdinad, the Grand impreza masterpieces such as the portrait of Pietro Aretino, Titian and Caravaggio's Bacchus.

Be seen on the ground floor the Municipal Archaeological Museum Artimino. Among the works for all'abbellimento of the villa, there is the frescoes decorate the open loggia on the Western Front. Have been taken away the paintings depict the Medici villas, currently located in the Historical Museum topographical "Florence as it was," and commissioned by Ferdinad de 'Medici to the painter of Flemish origin Utens Right.
Street address Pope John XXIII, 1 - Artimino
Telephone 055 8751427/8/9