Bagno Vignoni

Terme in the province of Siena

Bathrooms Petriolo
Location: Petriolo (Monticiano)
Phone: 0577 757104
Website: / petriolo.htm

Water: Water Petriolo falls into the category of water sulphide, salt-sulfate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earth, hyper
Therapeutic indications:
Treatments: beauty treatments, peripheral vascular, mud therapy, rehabilitation therapy, balneotherapy, irrigation, massage, fitness, inhalation treatments, insufficient endotubariche

Terme di Bagno Vignoni
Location: Bagno Vignoni (San Quirico d'Orcia)
Phone: 0577 887365
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Waters: the waters are bicarbonate-sulphate-alkaline-earth hyperthermal (51 ? C)
Therapeutic indications: they are effective in the treatment of Arthro-rheumatic and neuralgic diseases and also for ENT and gynecological inflammation
Treatments: balneotherapy, mud therapy, inhalation, and irrigation

Already attended by the Etruscans and Romans, this spa has been among its most distinguished guests including Lorenzo the Magnificent, St. Catherine of Siena and Pope Pius II Piccolomini who, in the middle of the fifteenth century, we built a villa now converted into a hotel.
Unique in the world is the square of sources. Located at the heart of the city, consists of a rectangular basin where ground water flows from an underground volcanic origins steaming thermal water which creates a sort of haze that makes the magical atmosphere and unreal ... so turn it into an evocative film scene in 1983 during the filming of Nostalghia Andrei Tarkovsky in 1992 and for the film Al lupo al lupo di Carlo Verdone

Terme di Chianciano
Location: Chianciano Terme (Siena)
Address: Via delle Rose, 12
Phone: 848 800 243; 0578 68292
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Water: the water is four and come from many sources (the Holy Water, the Fucoli and Sillene and Sant'Elena). While the first three are sulfate-bicarbonate-calcium bicarbonate is the fourth-alkaline-earthy and differ by Application
Therapeutic indications: the Holy Water source is used to treat liver disease, inflammation of the gallbladder and gallstones of which is the basic care, the source Fucoli is useful in gastro-enteric diseases and gallstones, and the water source Sillene are used to treat arthritis, liver disorders and heart. The source water Sant 'Elena is diuretic and is recommended for kidney stones, metabolic diseases and urinary tract
Treatments: hydroponic treatment, sludge treatment and anti-aesthetic

The combination of thermal and film continues within these Terme from Osca r! This is the famous center that Federico Fellini chose to write, the environment and turn one of his greatest masterpieces: Eight and a half , With whom he won the famous statuette.

Terme di Montepulciano
Location: Frazione Sant'Albino (Siena)
Address: Via delle Terme, 46
Phone: 0578 7911

Water: the water is sulphurous, saline-bromo-Iodic Water and calcium-magnesium
Therapeutic indications: the waters of the spa therapies are indicated for treatment of respiratory diseases and ENT
Treatments: inhalation, nebulisation, showers nasal insufflation, ventilation, motor and vascular rehabilitation, aesthetic medicine

Terme di Monticiano
Location: Monticiano (Siena)
Phone: 0577 757104

Water: water, salt-sulfate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy-sulfur hyperthermal, contains a very high rate of sulfur and carbonate
Therapeutic indications: it is effective in the treatment of dermatological diseases, respiratory, orthopedic and Arthro-rheumatic
Treatments: baths, mud baths, inhalations and facial masks

Terme di Radicondoli
Location: Radicondoli (Siena)
Phone: 0577 793151

Water: Water from many sources, they are hyper, sulphurous-bicarbonate-sulphate-calcium-magnesium-iron and arsenic
Therapeutic indications:
Treatments: baths, mud baths, inhalation, insufflation, hydroponic treatments, beauty treatments and dietary

Terme Antica Querciolaia of Rapolano
Location: Rapolano Terme (Siena)
Address: Via Trieste, 22
Phone: 0577 724091
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Water: the water is sulphurous-bicarbonate-calcium
Therapeutic indications: they are particularly suitable for treating diseases of the respiratory, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and for the treatment of skin diseases. Essences are added to the base of many beauty treatments
Treatments: massages, beauty treatments, balneotherapy, fangobalneoterapia, inhalations, aerosol, idrofisiokinesiterapia, Thermal Rehabilitation

From the historical memory of the kicks the living memory of an illustrious guest, the hero of two worlds. It was here that Giuseppe Garibaldi came to the after care of the wound shown in the battle of Aspromonte, remained satisfied as evidenced by his words, "the baths Rapolano I have removed a incomodo rest of the left foot and effect it was instant This gives me good opinion of those bathrooms that I think to continue for some days. "

Terme di San Giovanni di Rapolano
Location: Rapolano Terme (Siena)
Address: Via Terme di San Giovanni, 52
Phone: 0577 724030
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Water: the water is sulphurous-bicarbonate-calcium
Therapeutic indications: the waters are indicated for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, ENT, respiratory, skin and gynecological
Treatments: balneotherapy, massage, mud bath, whirlpools, fitness, inhalations, aerosol, nebulisation, pulmonary ventilation, massage.

Terme San Casciano dei Bagni
Location: San Casciano Dei Bagni
Phone: 0578 57241

Waters are rich in minerals and sulfate-type calcium-magnesium,-fluorinated
Therapeutic indications: their use is suitable for the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, the respiratory, liver and biliary, metabolic diseases, kidney and urinary tract
Treatments: massage, mud therapy, balneotherapy, inhalation treatments, mineral water treatments, irrigations

In a beautiful corner of Tuscany, the hot springs gush out of Fonteverde, famous for their effectiveness since ancient times. Among their early fans might seem to remember the great Latin writer, Horace, it seems that extolled the therapeutic properties in a letter.
Launched recently, the structure of the spa includes a large outdoor pool with abundant natural cascades whirlpool, throw a swan neck, submerged benches for relaxing in any season and to fully exploit the beneficial effects of natural elements

Terme di San Filippo
Location: Castiglione d'Orcia (Siena)
Address: Frazione Bagni San Filippo
Phone: 0577 872982
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Water: the water is hyperthermal, sulphurous-bicarbonate-solfate (52 ? C)
Therapeutic indications: the waters of San Felipe are particularly effective in the treatment of diseases neuro-osteo-articular, ear, nose and throat, respiratory and dermatological problems
Treatments: balneotherapy, fangobalneoterapia, inhalations, aerosol, ionized aerosol, ultrasonic, showers micronized nasal, facial masks, shower

Paradise in this corner, which opens between the forested volcanic cone of Mount Amiata and the gentle hills of Val d'Orcia, flowing thermal waters that have left an amazing mark in calcareous deposits that characterize the landscape.
The new Terme San Filippo offer full hospitality, combining in a single complex recently renovated and surrounded by greenery, the hotel, restaurant, fitness center, the establishment and the swimming pool

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