Città di Lucca

Film in the province of Lucca

Your journey begins in a quiet corner of paradise, in a block of Garfagnana. Follow the signs to Castelnuovo and then go Vagli Campocatino, one of the most evocative of the Apuan Alps. At the foot of the mountain extends Roccandagia this wide green of glacial origin, where there is a seasonal settlement of huts scattered in stone and used by shepherds in the past. This village is back to warm during the filming of My west, Veronesi films in which they played alongside Leonardo Pieraccioni, Harvey Keitel and David Bowie. The rough outline of the rock wall that stands out against the sky and the vast expanse of green bordered by woods and scree, accumulated at the foot of the mountain have made this place the perfect setting for a western girarvi.

From this place so secluded, guarded in the mountains, dirigiamoci hours to Lucca immergiamoci and in its alleys and its narrow streets where everything speaks to us of the glorious past. In the sixteenth century walls, soaring towers in the medieval square in the amphitheater, echoed the stamp of the brilliance with which this city has managed to conquer many directors, not just Italians. Think of Jane Campion, which has agreed to settle most of its portrait of lady. Before Lucca is advisable to leave to walk on walls, divided into twelve curtains and eleven bastions, give the old town to form a star. Walking through the tree-lined avenues that you can surmount admire a magnificent panorama of the city, with its churches and its palaces including outstanding palace Pfanner . This superb example of seventeenth-century architecture is located very close to the walls and then go to enjoy a visit. Entered in the atrium, climb the magnificent staircase that overlooks the beautiful garden and that will lead you to the main floor. Here you can visit the rooms that were among their illustrious guests the Marquis del Grillo, played by Alberto Sordi nell'omonima film, and the family in Sant'Agata Arrive bersaglieri by Luigi Magni.

Lucca left and cross the park Massaciuccoli until you reach the sea at Torre del Lago "sunny beaches, cool pine forests, the lake always calm" seems to have exclaimed at the beginning of the twentieth century Giacomo Puccini opposite this angle Tuscany and what can still exclaim that tourists can easily understand the reasons that led the teacher to help you build a house where he composed much of his immortal works of which still resounds in the lake at the Puccini Festival . Currently open, this beautiful residence, full of furniture and furnishings, is the setting for Puccini, film directed by Gallon.

Flanking the Tyrrhenian coast arrived in Viareggio, a resort frequented since the first half of the twentieth century when bathing becomes the goal of both members of the class more wealthy and a very small middle class represented by Brambilla Family on holiday in the film Carl Boese. Walking on the promenade overlooked by houses, luxury hotels like the Prince of Piedmont, where were shot several scenes of the film Pellegrini Forzano of love that sees its first arms a young but talented Sofia Loren. Calata evening entertainment night discover that this city has in store for you, maybe going to dance in a room like Alberto Sordi in a life difficult by Dino Risi. In this film the actor plays masterfully the shoes of a husband who chases his wife along the Versilia coast. In those years Viareggio is the destination of dreams, never reached the finish line of travel of the spider of Vittorio Gassman in Il overtaking.

In Viareggio you can stay in many hotel: these include between l ' Hotel Residence Esplanade, l 'Hotel Plaza e de Russie , L 'Hotel President.

Time flows and flows the way that leads to the end of this trip to Forte dei Marmi, in the eighties where you lit the lights of the cameras to turn Taste for salt, where the film tell the story of a summer youth group .