Parks in the province of Prato

Park Environmental Center of Natural Sciences in Prato
On the slopes of Monteferrato, near Prato, there is this natural oasis characterized predominantly by the cultivation of pine trees. Following the walking paths in the woods, you can easily observe the many species of wild animals who have found refuge here safe. Moreover, the presence of a closed-circuit TV can be seen live indisturbatamente certain times of natural life. These are animals that need care, or who are in rehabilitation, or that may no longer be released because they could no longer back into their natural environment. In essence, the park is a sort of hospital for animals who, just can be released.
Two lakes reproduce the ideal habitat for numerous aquatic species from the mallard swan that stop in freedom. If you happen during the winter you can see the beautiful colony of herons ash that, for several years, spending the colder months in this 'oasis of green.


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