Terme in the province of Lucca

Terme di Bagni di Lucca
Location: Bagni di Lucca (Lucca)
Address: Piazza San Martino 11
Phone: 0583 87221
Website: www.termebagnidilucca.it - E-mail: hotel@villaundulna.com

Water: the water is kind of bicarbonate-sulfate-chloride-calcium hyper fifty-three and flow from springs, at a temperature which is around 39-54 ? C.
Therapeutic indications: the benefit of the elements contained in thermal waters is found in the treatment of obesity in dismetabolismi and arthropathies, dermatological diseases, in chronic respiratory diseases and of the upper air in silicosis and allergic rhinitis in children and adolescents
Treatments: balneotherapy, fangobalneoterapia, antroterapia, massage, inhalation treatment, cure hydroponic, insufflation endotimpaniche, beauty treatments, therapy, gynecological

Famous by the ancient Romans, the town of Bagni di Lucca has enjoyed over the centuries of continuous prestige as from 1291, when it was the use of his sources, a fact which places it among the oldest spa towns in Europe.
A sonnet of the poet and Novell Franco Sacchetti and the Treaty of Ugolino da Montecatini testimony to the good account they have been held these spas which have always attracted famous people, not just Italians.
Indeed, during the city came to the forefront in Italy and abroad as a center healing, both as a vacation spot, becoming preferred destination of the Grand Tour. So, between the XIX and XX have stayed at this spa Giovanni Pascoli, Giosu? Carducci, Vittorio Alfieri, Eugenio Montale, Alexandre Dumas, George Byron, Percy Shelley, Giacomo Puccini, Peter Mascagni and many other artistic personalities, political and religious from all over Europe.

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