Film in the province of Arezzo

On the border between Umbria and Tuscany, is located on a high hill, the noble Cortona . The historical vicissitudes of this ancient village has been intertwined over the centuries with the names of famous artists who were born here, just like Luca Signorelli, which the city has dedicated the theater, where some were shot sequences Sotto il sole della Toscana . It really is a film directed by this solar Audrey Wells, whose protagonist, the American writer Frances Mayes found, after divorce, the strength to believe and realize their dreams and the desire to enjoy life during their stay, is intended to become permanent, in the province of Arezzo. Like you, let you capture the beauty of this area, walking through the streets of Cortona, soaked in history and art, and admire the spectacle that is natural to your eyes: a sweet swing of packages sections of poplars and cypresses and valleys where, in summer, there lay vast carpets of poppies and sunflowers. Not can not fallen in love with this place where you can breathe the charm of the past and enjoy the genuine flavor never changed over time, such as meat quinine, race bred exclusively in the area from which it takes its name: the Valdichiana.

Drive along this valley, which is a checkerboard of fields, now planted with wheat, vineyards, olive groves in time for the pasture to reach Arezzo. Walking through the streets of downtown and around Piazza Grande and Piazza del Duomo you may recognize some of the scenarios that have a backdrop Life is beautiful film with Roberto Benigni did incetta awards from the David di Donatello Grand Prix Jury at Cannes to win three Oscars. If you do not remember what the scene was filmed in a certain place, not worry, in memory of the shooting were in fact posted in the center of plates that will give you this information. Visiting this town do not forget to pass by the church of San Francesco, whose apse was frescoed by Piero della Francesca, the protagonist of the show Piero della Francesca e le corti italiane which is open until July 22, looks like a fascinating journey through the places of origin of the artist, the same places along which runs your itinerary.

Then, proceeding along the footsteps of pierfrancescana memory, come to Monterchi, a small jewel of Valtiberina that holds the Madonna of childbirth. In this beautiful painting by the great Italian painter Russian Tarkoskij Nostalgia has spent in the charming scene of the procession until a few years ago actually saw women as a sign of thanks or prayer for an upcoming maternity leave, go to the famous Virgin. It is no coincidence that Tarkoskij, usually make enigmatic and profound film, wanted to pay homage to Piero della Francesca in introducing Nostalghia one of his most enigmatic.

Like a good detective in search of the solution, go to look for further clues in the place that gave him birth: Borgo Sansepolcro. The presence of a masterpiece, like the Resurrection, which is in itself a visit to this center, but if you happen to early September you can also see the prize of the spring, during which the flag-wavers, in their medieval costumes faithful, perform waving their flags with developments and stunts, the sound of drum rolls and trumpet rings. A real riot of color, a feast for the eyes of spectators, as Frances Mayes attending the show under the sun of Tuscany.