Terme in the province of Florence

Terme di Firenze
Location: Terme di Impruneta (Florence)
Address: Via Cassia, 217
Phone: 055 2020151
Waters: the waters of two springs, Source and Source Antica Celeste, are cold, minerals, salt-bromine-iodine-Sulphurous
Therapeutic indications: the use of these waters is particularly useful for treating respiratory diseases, liver, gastro and allergic
Treatments: baths, mineral water treatments and inhalation

This area is used for spa since Roman times, during the first decades of the fourteenth century were found in two sources in the popular tradition attributed therapeutic powers, recognized and certified in the twentieth century.
The spa, which it obtained in 1953, was completely renovated in 1990.

Gambassi Terme
City: Gambassi Terme (Florence)
Address: Piazza G. Di Vittorio, 1
Phone: 0571 638141
Website: www.termedigambassi.it
Waters are classified as water clorurobicarbonato-sulphate-sodium-magnesium and are also rich in carbon dioxide free
Therapeutic indications: are particularly suitable in the treatment of diseases and biliary epatogastriche; give good results even in the gall bladder calculi in diabetics and in some dermatological ailments
Treatments: hydroponic therapy, inhalation therapy, heliotherapy, mud bath, sauna, whirlpool, hydrocolontherapy, massage
In the heart of Val d'Elsa, where the look is lost between hills, Gambassi Terme is the ideal place to regenerate body and spirit, immersed in nature and history of this wonderful land.
Within a park of trees is located the Spa Water Pillo sauce ", the building was renovated between 2002 and 2003, providing its customers with a much more welcoming environment and functional and a wide range of spa services, therapeutic and aesthetic