Holiday visits to natural parks in the province of Pisa

Migliarino Park, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli

Located along the central coast north of Tuscany, the park falls within the province of Pisa and Lucca .

Despite being at a heavily urbanized environment has not suffered, managing to keep intact its natural appearance, as the long stretch of coast is not built, which comes from Viareggio to Livorno!

Uniforms and St. Rossore Migliarino

Quest'oasi Green is a refuge for many animals including deer and wild boars in particular, as well as foxes, squirrels, herons and cormorants. Until the outbreak of World War II there were also some dromedaries, introduced in the seventeenth century for the transport of materials and subsequently used in farm work. Protagonist of the natural heritage is the stone pine, planted in a systematic way during the nineteenth century. Next to these wooded areas are artificial forests where there are very natural spread the oak woods and Mediterranean maquis.

There are many alternatives to a relaxing walk; agevolemte to visit the park because you can follow the network of trails traveling comfortably seated in coach, renting a bike or book a coach trip or why not riding because of magnificent specimens San thoroughbred Rossore is home, thanks to the presence of one of the major racecourses in Italy. For those who want to learn you are advised to attend courses conducted in the riding held, where to ride in the shade of pine woods, along quiet stretches of coast, immersed in the green depths of the park, is a unique experience.

Nearby dell'ippodromo was recently opened to the public Sterpaia, architectural building of great prestige which has been created for the guest quarters, laboratories, teaching environment, the room for exhibitions and the room where, in addition to information material, you can buy organic products typical of Park like honey and pine nuts.


Telephone 050 525500 - Fax 050 533650

Events, excursions

  • Festival Park
    For twelve days in the month of May will be organized demonstrations and events aimed at making the public aware of the Regional Park
  • There are tours on horseback or in carriage

Getting there

  • By boat
    To reach the park aboard the boat that makes the tour exclusively on Sundays and holidays.
  • By train
    Agrees down to the station of Pisa St. Rossore.