Natural parks in the province of Arezzo

National Park of Casentino Forests, Mount Falterona, Campigna

As the arch branches cross as spiers the tops of the trees rising in the sky, as pinnacles "the towering columns of rock Verna" rise "on peak" and around the "mystical solitudes" that has inspired in recent times the poet Dino Campana in the Pilgrimage Verna, as centuries ago, inspired St. Romuald and St. Francis. A distance of about two hundred years, the two came from the intricate tangle of trees and in this vast forest area, where the mother is Naur and stepmother at the same time, they found that port quiet you can hear the voice of God monks who followed the example established in this area, the Verna and Camaldoli , Of the monastic complex destined to play a key role in the history of Christian piety.

The presence, almost milleniaria, of these communities tell us the vast expanses of beech trees and, above all, white spruce, planted by Camaldolesi because their height served as a stimulus to contemplation of God. To protect the monks restrictions imposed by their abbattitura and, if so, they established the immediate restoration of silver fir and beech cut.

Other inhabitants of these forests are nocturnal birds of prey in the light of the moon have, for centuries, the domain scores of these areas with the wolves. Recently their flocks have returned to repopulate the forests along with golden eagles that nest on the back wall of inaccessible mountains. It can also happen browse to see roe deer, fallow deer and red deer.


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Events, excursions
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Getting there

  • By train
    In Tuscany, the park is accessible by train from stations Bibbiena, Poppi, and Pratovecchio Stia Casentinese the side and from the station and the County of Pontassieve in side-Londa Mugello.
    Romagna in the Park can be reached by train from stations in Faenza, Forl? and Cesena.
  • By bus
    Tuscany Park is served by lines and SITA LFI
    Romagna in the Park is served by bus lines outside ATR
  • By plane
    The territory of the park is served by the airports of Florence, Bologna, Forl? and Rimini.