Vallombrosa Abbey

"Vallombrosa was appointed as a rich and beautiful badia it that religious men and courteous to everyone you apologize." These qualities dall'Ariosto declaimed in 'Orlando Furioso is still seen by those who are preparing to visit the monastery at the foot of developed Pratomagno in a 'wooded area of the most enchanting Tuscan Appennino, remained untouched thanks to the work of monks who came here in the eleventh century. bequests and donations have helped to enrich the abbey of numerous works of art, making it to the show that the natural surroundings.

For all these reasons, the abbey of Vallombrosa is a triumph of beauty, artistic and spiritual serenity totally missed. Who wants to enjoy all this for a few days will stay at the guesthouse. Every year is the right to enjoy a holiday of peace and serenity of the winter are in the famous ski slopes, in summer the cool dall'altitudine is guaranteed and the green of the forests from which the odor intense of conifers.

Through a tree-lined street you come to the front wall that surrounds the monastic complex. From the iron gates of 1773 you enter the garden, dominated by harmony and severe side seicentesca. Rushed into the sky as the guardians of the thirteenth century convent bell tower and the fifteenth, raised by monks to defend themselves, it was here that in case of attacks were placed the most precious.

Leaving the central door of the abbey, stop at the 'old pharmacy. You can buy the products of the abbey, including creams for body care, liquor prepared according to ancient recipes and food delicacies like biscuits, jam, honey.

The first building dates back to 1038, but with the growth of the community proceeded to implement a new building in the Romanesque style, which corresponds roughly to that present, except for some changes made in later centuries. Very beautiful externally the facade is a loggia with marble of 1645, topped by a stone statue of the Madonna. In many works have adorned the time this church, by the eighteenth century frescoes of the time and the wooden dome fifteenth, whose walls are formed by numerous canvases by Ignazio Hugford.

Although small, this environment brings together various works including deserves attention to see the table Raffaellino Del Garbo, a follower of Ghirlandaio, and a terracotta by Luca della Robbia.

The impressive building dates from the eleventh century, when St. John Gualberto, mossosi from the convent of San Miniato in search of a secluded place and stood in these places. From the Mille has continued to build during the Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque. Following the looting perpetrated by the troops of Charles V, the monastery was largely rebuilt and it was during this rebuilding that created the monumental kitchen, one of the most interesting. Enthroned at the center of the hexagon hood above the fireplace and tables were made furnishings of the period. Sights are also two cloisters of Mascherone and Meridian, the library.

Opening Hours
O rario winter: 9-12 and 15-18
Summer hours: 6-12 and 15-19


Telephone 055 862251
Fax 050 862036

Getting there

  • By train
    The nearest station is to Rignano sull'Arno and from here we need to reach with other means of transport Vallombrosa.
  • By plane
    The nearest airport is in Florence.
  • By bus
    You make everything links with the years Reggello, Saltino, Vallombrosa.

During the summer concerts are held