Film shot in the province of Pistoia

This short film begins a journey Pistoia where the director Liliana Cavani has directed the filming of The Guest, in whose cast included big names like Glauco Mauri and Lucia Bos?. Many are the beauties that are visiting this city. And this is not only art ... is the wide range of resources that Pistoia offers its visitors to enjoy their stay, from music festivals to culinary specialties.

But beyond the pleasure of good food and good music, why not give the thing more precious: time for yourself! And what better place to regenerate body and mind Thermal, especially when it comes to a center whose effectiveness is known everywhere as Montecatini Terme . The candor of this splendid Russian director Nikita Michalkov decided to shoot the scenes of the passion of Marcello Mastroianni in the shoes of a humble waiter, for a rich and mysterious Russian lady in the movie Oci ciornie.

Going far Pescia after your journey ends in a fairytale: Collodi , Locality became famous thanks to Carlo Lorenzini. Father of the most famous puppet, the city has decided to dedicate a park a little 'special requirements. In fact along the paths of the garden surrounding the villa-Garzoni Collodi you can meet the characters who have enlivened the pages of The Adventures of Pinocchio. Take a dip in childhood therefore visiting these enchanting places say they have seen during the Vittorio Gassman The shooting of the girl win.