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The first settlements in this area date back at least to the Bronze Age (about 2000 BC), but the foundation of a city itself, surrounded by walls, dates from the Hellenistic age (end of IV - beginning of III century. A . C.). It became a typical Roman city, Fiesole still some traces of this past. After the fall of the Roman Empire was invaded by the Lombards (VI-VII sec. D. C). In the Middle Ages importance began to decline in favor of Florence, in the twelfth century, conquering and destroying Fiesole forcing the bishop within the territory of Florence. After this moment of decadence, the city is chosen for the residence or the vacation of wealthy families from the Renaissance until the nineteenth, when many foreigners, especially British, on the hill fiesolana build their villas.


"I visited the hill Fiesole least a dozen times. I went there in the cool morning hours, in the hot afternoon, in the clear spring evening [...] and each time I found not only quiet, pure air, festive atmosphere, but also a fascination in some way back into the landscape, in alleys, in the convent '
Herman Hesse

"Around a beautiful and clear source of fresh grass and flowers around it, which even stay at the foot of Mount Ceceri, from that part that 'the only adequate when at noon in front of the front, and a source Aquella is named today, around the Diana then turned to be yes, and many nymphs gathered there "
Giovanni Boccaccio

"A Fiesole, in the cloister of San Francesco, a courtyard surrounded by arches, overflowing with flowers red, sun, bees yellow and black [...] Arso by heat, smoke gently small garden. [...] Over the wall which are supported there, I know, that comes down the hill towards the city, all of Florence and offers with its cypresses "
Albert Camus

Summer fiesolana
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Getting there

By train
From the train station Santa Maria Novella in Florence you can easily reach Fiesole by bus.

Alternatively you can reach the station to Fiesole-Caldine, part of the municipality of Fiesole 5 km from capital with which however is not well connected.

By plane
The nearest airport is Florence, then in a short time you can reach Fiesole by bus. With the shuttle in 30 minutes you reach the station of Santa Maria Novella, where there are frequent buses to reach Fiesole.

Useful numbers

Tourist Information
Portigiani Street, 3 / 5
Phone 055 598720 - 055 5978373