Which spas to see in the province of Pistoia

Montecatini thermal baths

Location: Montecatini Terme (Pistoia)
Address: viale Giuseppe Verdi 41
Telephone: 0572 7781
Website: www.termemontecatini.it

E-mail: info@termemontecatini.it

Waters : they flow from numerous springs deriving from deep calcareous layers or from alluvial sands at variable temperatures; they are salty-sulphate-alkaline and are divided into strong, medium and weak

Therapeutic indications : the waters are very effective in the treatment of hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal diseases but also in musculoskeletal, vascular, gynecological and otolaryngological diseases

Treatments : hydroponic therapies, baths, mud baths, inhalations, ventilations, insufflations, intestinal showers and whirlpools, beauty treatments.

Few cities like Montecatini live in perfect and inseparable symbiosis with their spas. There are in fact nine establishments where the various treatments can be carried out: Excelsior, Redi, Grocco, La Salute, Leopoldine, Regina, Tamerici, Tettuccio, Torretta.

Immersed in the greenery of a vast park, the entire complex stands out in its general whiteness, accentuated during the filming of Oci Ciornie by Russian director Nikita Michalkov. Those wishing to treat themselves to a holiday in this spa will be able to relive the charm and charm of the place where Marcello Mastroianni's passion was consummated, in the role of a humble waiter, for a mysterious and rich Russian lady.

Terme Grotta Giusti of Monsummano

Locality: Monsummano Terme (Pistoia)
Address: via Grotta Giusti, 1411
Telephone: 0572 90771
Website: www.grottagiustispa.com

E-mail: booking@grottagiustispa.com

Waters : the waters, of bicarbonate-sulphate-calcic nature, magnesium, flow at a temperature of 35 degrees.

Therapeutic indications : these waters help to stimulate the cellular metabolism of blood vessels and are also used in the inhalation and gynecological fields.

Treatments : motor, respiratory and vascular rehabilitation, balneotherapy, mud therapy, nebulization, massage therapy, irrigations, physical rehabilitation therapies, peripheral vascular diseases, inhalation treatments, massages, beauty treatments

This small natural paradise is located on the slopes of the Monsummano hill. Immersed in a centuries-old park , the Grotta Giusti complex is a splendid, perfectly equipped spa center.

Let yourself be pampered by the innovative whirlpools of the four snails and above all abandon stress and worries while enjoying a beneficial and detoxifying steam bath inside a millenary cave , the most fascinating and largest in the world dating back to 130 million years ago

Parlanti Cave of Monsummano

Locality: Monsummano Terme (Pistoia)
Address: via Francesca Nord 41b
Telephone: 0572 953071;

Waters : the mineral water of the Parlanti cave that flows from the rock with continuous change, has a constant temperature of 34 ° C

Therapeutic indications : the waters of Grotta Parlanti are indicated in disorders of the respiratory and osteoarticular systems, in affections of the urinary system and in gynecological diseases

Treatments : inhalation treatments, massages, mud therapy, irrigations, hydroponic treatments, peripheral vasculopathies, balneotherapy

At the foot of the hill that frames Monsummano Terme, near Montecatini, is the neoclassical structure of Grotta Parlanti, known since the eighteenth century. The source of hot water immediately welcomes guests, spreading a pleasant feeling of relaxation, thanks also to treatments in ionized thermal baths , massages, mud baths.