Holidays in Pisa

Pisa - Piazza dei cavalieri "The appearance of Pisa I like much more than that of Florence. Lung'arno This is a show so great, so magnificent, so gay, so pleasant, that in love: I have not seen anything like it either in Florence or Milan or Rome "
Giacomo Leopardi

"Pisa is all horizontal, spacious, its streets are wide, and therefore little gray, is a city clear, happy, they enter with the wind the taste of the sea, the greenery and the freshness of the pine "
Guido Piovene

If you want to taste the typical Tuscan cuisine in a restaurant in Pisa you can find very many and very good.

If you need to stay in some hotel in Pisa then we recommend the area Pisanova is close to Downtown and also offers several bed and breakfast .

Adventure Parks

A very interesting visit with the family at Adventure Park Tirrenia


Among the most important events include the June Pisa Pisa during which there are the following:

Luminara di San Ranieri
Lungarni Pisans, June 16 of each year, the eve of San Ranieri (patron saint of the city)
Lungarni buildings of the city are decorated with 70,000 lights and close the evening of spectacular fireworks that leave the zone of the Citadel illuminating the medieval castle and the adjacent bridge

Historical Regatta of Saint Ranieri
June 17, the feast of San Ranieri
Regatta sull'Arno of representatives of four districts of the city

Gioco del Ponte
Lungarni Ponte di Mezzo, last Sunday in June
Event that is structured with Historical parade in vintage clothes and Battle Bridge on where you face teams neighborhoods in two rival factions (Tramontana and south).

Useful numbers

Agency for Tourism
Via Silvio Pellico No. 6
56125 PISA
Telephone 050 929777 - Fax 050 929764

Tourist Information Office
Station Square No. 13
Tel 050/42291
via Cammeo 2 (near Piazza del Duomo)
Telephone 050/560464

As get

  • By train
    Three stations of Pisa: Pisa Centrale is the stop in the center, San Rossore Pisa, Pisa airport.
  • By plane
    The airport of Pisa is the Galileo Galilei (connected with major European cities) and is linked to downtown with bus services, but also by train.


Even today the origin of Pisa remains mysterious. There are thesis of an Etruscan, Ligurian and Greek. Surely it was an Etruscan settlement and later Roman colony, belonged to the Lombard kingdom and the Carolingian Empire to the Emperor.

The peak period of economic, political and artistic was reached in the Middle Ages. Starting from the XI century in the Mediterranean trade intensified, especially with the Crusades.

Pisa in 1092 was a common fate of the first in Italy and was the only city to Ghibelline be excommunicated by the pope. Since 1284, with the defeat at the Battle of the reported Meloria against Genoa, the Maritime Republic rival, began its slow decline.

In 1343, Pope Clement VI established the Studio Pisano General and in 1405 it was conquered Pisa from Florence, this event that caused a period of profound crisis that will end only with the political ascent of the Medici. From the second half of the sixteenth century development and the establishment of the Order of the Knights of Santo Stefano promoted its rebirth.