abbazia di sant antimo

Abbey Sant'Antimo

"The valley of the starch, dell'Orcia tributary, was able to earn large memory space, if in a year imprecisato century a group of monks had not placed the first stone of a monastery that will be dedicated to sant ' Antimo. Thus the words of the historian Luke cast introduce us to the visit of the former Benedictine Sant'Antimo. As a vision, the church appears to us lies in the Open of the valley, crossed a small stream, which is the background shape of the sweet hills of Siena.

To see the building so majestic and solid returns to mind the Sant'Antimo sermon: "If men do not talk, the stones cry out." Never were words so true! At his execution was attended by workers in France, Tuscany and Lombardy. After Starting a decidedly rosy, partly bound proximity to the street Francigena, the abbey has undergone a period of showers ended recently, when the Benedictines were returned after 530 years of abandonment.

You are looking for quiet, a quiet place where you want to meditate and away from the city, its noises, its traffic ... well then take a break at the center of hospitality and run by the host Friars dell'abbazia Sant'Antimo. All are welcome. The hospitality is sacred here in Sant'Antimo!

Near the former is the shop of The Ark Sant'Antimo where you can buy many items, including books, liquor, sculptures, items of religious art and so when the monks saw the Gregorian chants that are used to tune between the former city walls.


Regarding its origins, it is said that it was Charlemagne in 781 to have done to raise this as a votive church. Certainly there is that between the ages VIII and IX of the party had already been built, because at this period that dates from the chapel of St. Benedict.

If you're fascinated to see the outside world in its elegant, impressive, wait to visit the interior. Especially during a sunny day the area you presbyteral seems to shine like a gem, which depends on the substantial use that particularly in this area is made of alabaster. The translucency of the stone means that the rays appear to cross, while all around the Gregorian chants echo recorded by the small community of monks.

An atmosphere so strongly evocative Zeffirelli persuaded to turn the scene here Brother Sun, Sister Moon in which Francis is kidnapped by a lit glow, the result of an emanation of God that guides him to leave their wealth to lead a life with an absolute poverty


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Getting there

  • By train
    The nearest station is Buonconvento. It is on the line Grosseto-Siena. There are connections by bus to Montalcino to Castelnuovo Abate then


  • The night before May 11 (Feast of Sant'Antimo) held a procession with torches
  • Throughout the year: concerts of Gregorian chant