Film in the province of Florence

The first step of this journey is in the heart of a fertile wine-growing area of Tuscany: Chianti. Here, passing through green hills planted with vineyards, olive groves and oak woods, reach around Greve villa Vignamaggio , Held a magnificent Renaissance where he was shot Much ado about nothing, cheerful, sunny version of the work of Shakespeare, directed by Kenneth Branagh, and interpreted by him together with an exceptional cast, formed by Emma Thompson, Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves and Michael Keaton. As the interpreters of this comedy of misunderstanding, you can also arrived to the beautiful garden in where the sides of a boulevard flanked by bossi ornamental gardens are arranged four symmetrical, surrounded by hedges and adorned with roses. We will end the tour down in the cellars and tasting the products of the farm which now occupies part of the villa, also used to agriturismo.

After rest and refreshment, you're ready to share at a time of Certosa del Galluzzo, who for several weeks has been transformed into the set of the film Pontormo - A heretic love, directed by John Fago. The well-known Italian artist found refuge with the monks to escape the plague that raged in Florence in 1523 and to thank the hospitality of the frescoed walls of the cloister. Of these paintings, seriously damaged by the action of weather and moisture have been realized, for the fiction film, careful of reproductions that have remained at the Carthusians.

You need is a few miles and you can reach Florence . Welcome to the cradle of the Renaissance! Here ammirarete some of the treasures produced by the most prestigious Italian culture between the XV and XVI century; soak up their beauty unchanged as did many directors who, for over a hundred years, have made Florence a truly open-air set . So you can fully appreciate the museums, monuments, angles and views of the city that have been immortalized by the camera is recommended that stop in Florence at least two days. So take a room like Carlo Verdone e Claudia Gerini in Honeymoon Travels. Maybe you happen to stay in a room with views like that, in the film by James Ivory, Lucy, a young English tourist, getting in the pension Bertolini. As in the film, go to the window, then you open up your sight enchanting sull'Arno through the historic center of Florence, between the buildings rising in the Duomo and Palazzo della Signoria, missed goals of this visit which begins at the railway station Santa Maria Novella.

Mario Monicelli here has shot one of the famous irreverent jokes of Philippe Noiret, Ugo Tognazzi, Renzo Montagnani, and Adolfo Celi in My Friends. Then, like Al Pacino in a minute, a life of Pollack, walks Via Tornabuoni, where fashion and art are combined, along this road in fact some of the most famous brands of high fashion to show off their heads within historic buildings. Once you reach Piazza Duomo, walk among the monuments that have seen wandering among others Gassman in the shoes of The arcidiavolo, film by Ettore Scola, and ripercorretene steps are conducted while in prison to the Bargello, building over time was used to perform various tasks to achieve a coating of the present museum. Then diverted to Piazza Santa Croce, set of Chronicles of poor lovers, film di Carlo Lizzani inspired the novel by Pratolini. Entered the Franciscan church, you is, as Lucy in Room with a view, among the many graves of great artists, writers and scientists and admire the frescoes of Giotto Bardi and Peruzzi chapels.

Reach Piazza della Signoria where William has made reap some shooting happened in September and, as the ladies of An English tea with Mussolini Zeffirelli to go to visit the Uffizi Gallery. Upon booking you will be allowed along the Vasari Corridor that passes above the Ponte Vecchio, allowing two of the fourth episode of Pais? Rossellini to cross the Arno river, avoiding attacks from the nazi-fascists. Released from the Palazzo Pitti, you are near Santa Maria, where is placed the Teatro Goldoni where Fellini shot the unforgettable scene of the Carnival celebration involving I Vitelloni. Under a storm of confetti, the group will give bagordi at a rampant pace of charleston. To Now you can reach Piazzale Michelangelo, where a copy of Michelangelo's David receives tourists in front of which it opens a view of the historic center of Florence. This balcony tourism, one of the most famous in the world, has had among its visitors the director Tony Richardson during the shooting of the Gibraltar Crew.

Instead of making immediate return to the center of Florence, continue the visit and, passing among the shadows cypress, climb "the mountain, where the church sits subdued" the beautiful Florence. It is San Miniato al Monte , Immortalized by Dante in a few verses of Purgatory. Even the great poet of the time this church was much revered by the Florentine is known for the events having to do primarily with the holy martyr which is entitled. Beheaded in 250 on the banks dell'Arno, san Miniato got up and put back his head on the neck, he reached the top of this mountain where he found peace at last under the cypress trees and olive trees.

In this church have been shot two famous marriages, one of Maddalena de 'Medici with Belfagor L'arcidiavolo by Ettore Scola and the other by Carlotta with Edoardo ne The affinities of the Taviani brothers. As a married couple it is the church of choice for very different reasons, in fact, while Carlotta appreciate the rationality of its geometric, Edward is attracted by sense of mystery that pervades this place. It must have been precisely this atmosphere of magic to get the Brian De Palma girarvi a few key scenes of his thriller hitchcock complex of guilt, in which the protagonist meets in this church a woman incredibly similar to the deceased wife. So visit this wonderful Romanesque church, the casket of jewels of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, trying not to lose intensity symbology enclosed within its walls, of which one example is the decorations on the facade seem to recall that the signs in the zodiac played on the floor.

In the morning, as the British company of Room with a view, while the light pervades the campaign, go on the hills around Fiesole and who have witnessed the flowering of love between Lucy Honeychurch and George Emerson. Immersed in a pleasant rural countryside, dressed in a cloak of poppies, ears of wheat and olive trees, let yourself be soothed with a dream that this place knows you can unleash and thus better understand the theory expressed by Lavish lady that "there is something in the Italian countryside, which induces the more phlegmatic all'idillio ".

The name of Florence was often woven into the history and the cinema to the Medici family, who provided the bankers were able to rise to the title of Grand Dukes of Tuscany. A witness to the splendor achieved by this family are the many villas scattered throughout the region, especially built in the province of Florence. By virtue of their beauty, these places are often in the course of the twentieth century, returned to live under the lights of the reflectors. The first villa you will visit is to Pratolino whose grandeur is now perceived, not directly from the residence was destroyed, but the associated buildings and the park they have been shot a few shots of the night to decide. As the director, Haas, you can admire the magnificent statue-fountain by Giambologna representing the Apennines that is mirrored in a lake.

With its simplicity is the next garden you are visiting and which surrounds the villa of Petraia that for the happy position landscape, the natural prosperity, and the pleasant mix of styles and shapes can be considered one of the most beautiful Medici villas. Its rooms hold memories, secrets of the Benedetti family that lived here for over a century Fiorile of the Taviani brothers.

This journey ends at Castelfalfi locations that can be easily defined fairytale since Roberto Benigni has shot some scenes of his Pinocchio. For those who like it will be possible to stay in the rooms of the estate say they have seen the famous film director and currently part of a tourist residence.