Artistic itineraries in Grosseto


"The Maremma was a Far West Italian and Grosseto was not Kansas City. But [...] there are some common elements: the frontier, the sense of achievement, the law of the jungle, fighting for survival [...] Context was rather different, as the environment, landscape, man, after all the story. Grossetto Think that has roots plurisecolari. "
Zeffiro Ciuffoletti

"Corso Carducci is still the place of struscio, where young people are chasing with the looks. Bianciardi recalls his walks often quiet, so different from the military way of walking found later in Milan. "
Irene Blunda

"The truth is that there, in the lower Tuscany more than in any other region of Italy, is given find the small bourgeoisie campagnola, free from the ghettos linguistically Dialectal quarter was insincere as the superstructure of bourgeois town "
Giorgio Bassani

"... City Grossetto strong, not large, well walled and defended by six bastions and a fortress, with only two doors, one that looks the mainland, the other from where you exit to the sea"
Emanuele Repetti

Getting there

  • By car
  • By train
    Grosseto is well connected by railway line Roma - Pisa.
  • By plane
    The nearest airport is Pisa.
  • By bus
    A good connection is ensured with Siena and Florence was also activated a twice-weekly service to Milan.

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It was built around the ninth century as a castle of Roselle. Became in the eleventh century feud of the Aldobrandeschi place in the thirteenth century the role of capital in Ghibelline Maremma. In 1336 it was conquered by Siena in 1559 and from Florence under Cosimo de 'Medici. It was with the Grand Dukes that started the economic recovery through the provision of rehabilitation work, but not enough to prevent the spread of malaria that caused the decline of the city. Resources with Lorena in the eighteenth century and even more developed nell'Ottocento with progressive reclamation.