Bagni di Pisa

Vacation at the Spa in the province of Pisa

Terme di Casciana

Location: Casciana Terme (Pisa)
Address: Piazza Garibaldi, 9
Phone: 0587 644655
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Water is nature bicarbonate-sulphate-calcium
Therapeutic indications: These waters have curative effects on inflammation of the joints, the failure of the venous circulation, the uricemia, high cholesterol, the various ailments of the respiratory tract and all gynecological disorders
Treatments: mud, whirlpools, massages, beauty treatments, sauna, turkish bath, inhalation treatment, rehabilitation respiratory, mobility, hydroponic treatment, pressure, treatment for peripheral vascular

Already known by 1100 for their extraordinary properties, the thermal waters of Casciana owe their fame to Matilde di Canossa, which was dedicated Mathelda source, where a precious water flowing at a temperature of 36 degrees. It is said that the countess discovered the therapeutic properties of these waters looking like a blackbird, tuffandovisi repeatedly, regained her mantle feathers. These legendary properties resulted Casciana Spa has been nicknamed the "Pearl Spa of Italy.
Among the latest to be reported are opened massage of the fireplace: treatments in the light of burning wood.

Bagni di Pisa

Location: San Giuliano Terme (Pisa)
Address: off Shelley 18
Phone: 050 818047
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Water: Water derived from two sources, Bagni di Levante and Bagni di Ponente, and have the same chemical composition, sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earth, but the difference in temperature makes them suitable for different applications
Therapeutic indications: the water present to Bagni di Levante are used for mud baths and massage useful in the treatment of Arthro-rheumatic diseases, while those to Bagni di Ponente used for inhalation therapy in cases of respiratory problems
Treatments: hydroponic care, physical rehabilitation, sludge, fitness, beauty treatments, whirlpools, baths, sauna, relaxation techniques, aerosol

"You can say, rightly, that the Bagni di Pisa go to some relief, many will make health lost, all provide great fun, being as it were, the most beautiful area of Italy" with these words anonymous speaker of Pisans costumes of the eighteenth century describes this spa.
The visitor of our times will find hospitality in environments that are part of the eighteenth century summer residence of the Grand Duke Francis of Lorraine, as well as a meeting place where mundane were hosted among others Gustav of Sweden, George IV of England, Vittorio Alfieri, Percy B . and Mary Shelley, Ibrahim Pasha and Carlo Goldoni.
Treat yourself to a precious moment of total relaxation within the 'Dukes of Hammam: you can do an impressive steam bath in a small grotto which is accessed through a short tunnel built in the eighteenth century and rediscovered a few years ago.

If you want to stay in some hotel in Pisa then we recommend the area Pisanova is more geared towards this area and also offers several bed and breakfast .

Terme di Uliveto

Location: Uliveto Terme (Pisa)
Address: Via Provinciale Vicarese 120
Phone: 050 788686
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Water: water, bicarbonate-alkaline-earth, leaving the depth of the subsurface at various temperatures
Therapeutic indications: water Uliveto is indicated for the treatment of diseases of the liver, biliary system, of the gastrointestinal, kidney and parts. Is also produced in the bottle and is marketed in Italy and abroad
Treatments: water, already used for the bathrooms, are currently used only for therapies hydroponic