Film in the province of Grosseto

"To me it seems to me a bitter Maremma. So why sing an old folk, whose words evoke the inhospitable that for centuries has marked the area dominated by malaria and banditry. Today by visiting the Maremma Grosseto can see something very difficult to "bitter" in this land that has preserved the past of the Etruscan treasures and fierce and wild nature, lit by the contrasts, which gives to those who visit a variety of spectacular landscapes.

To enjoy such a wealth immerse yourself in the green of the Maremma Regional Park which, with its succession of natural environments, has inspired several filmmakers. The first to feel the charm of this place were the Taviani brothers who have set in the pristine nature of this oasis fable the policy described in the film Under the sign of the scorpion.

From the mountains reach the marshes of the trap, going so those places where Paolo Hendel, Margherita Buy and Nanni Moretti has played in Tomorrow by Daniele Lucchetti happen. Which scenario is most suited to this environment of adventures of two cowboys in Tuscany nineteenth century! In a daring escape from the reeds of the marshy areas and along forest paths in the players they face bandits, discuss philosophical dilemmas, to meet the love. Besides the incredible rigogliosit? of vegetation, participating in guided wildlife tour you can admire the variety of animals that still live here, like the wild cat, porcupine, turtles, wild geese, hawks and many others.

The trip into the park takes you to this point, toward the beaches where there is the villa of the family of Carlo Verdone, Sergio Rubini, Francesca Neri in the film Al lupo al lupo. Imitating their example, rest on you too long Tyrrhenian coast, surrounded by low rolling hills of Tuscany. While listening to the melodious voice of the waves heard in the unmistakable scents of the maquis.

Now get off along the coast, more and more vacation destination of celebrities, and finish your journey at the Argentario. This promontory, a gem set in the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, has probably its name to the luster of its rocks. What's sure is that this wonderful place is ideal for a holiday marina. Among its steep cliffs open bays and inlets such as Porto Ercole that allow boats and yachts to dock as the Talented Mr. Ripley by Anthony Minghella. A small Spanish port lets you access the old country where are welcome to the picturesque square of Santa Barbara, a wonderful terrace overlooking the bay.