"At my corner, do not feel donde no se le reste buzz of the grain, the sound of gold with the wind is not seen from the mountain village, which sound the same, which blanco falls, like a voice eprsuade ch. You say, It is time, you say, It is late, bland voice that fall from the sky. But still leaves a little to look at the tree, the spider, the bee, the stem, things ch'han many centuries or one year or one hour, and those clouds that are [...] You So you think you want to return, soft voice that fall from the sky! But this is just beautiful by day and I traluce as by a veil! I know which is the time, I know it is late, but still leaves a little to watch. "Giovanni Pascoli, L'ora di Barga

Barga Jazz
Various fora, August
Festivals and international jazz competition

Getting there

  • By car
  • By train
    The nearest station is to Fornaci di Barga.
  • By plane
    The airport of Pisa is 60 km from Barga, in Florence 110 km.

Useful numbers

Tourist Information
Via di Mezzo, 47
Telephone 0583 724743 Fax 0583 724745


It is said that the small town was founded by Barca that in 220 BC, led in those areas the Carthaginian army of Hannibal. In the Middle Ages is said in the trade in silk fabrics, produced locally through the processing of cocoons of filugello. This activity was further supported by the manufacture of garments in wool and felt, which ensured the economic vitality to the town day.