"Gentle readers, you have never been at Arezzo? If not you ever been there, please go to the first opportunity, even at the cost of her birth, od'inventare an excuse. I assure you that I thank him for the advice. The Val di Chiana is one of the most pleasant and the most picturesque of beautiful country where the sounds mean. " Indeed, a dilettante of quarrel could be argued that Yes was born in Arezzo, Arezzo, as was that Guido Monaco, which we are indebted to the harmonic scale. But to do that on purpose, Guido d'Arezzo invented who are not known precisely for forgetting to invent the seventh. Perhaps, be said amateur and above, Guido did not invented it, because this was already in the native language, or the good man did not want to be beautiful only in July. Anyway, go to the Valley Chiana at Arezzo and removed. The city is not large, but who cares? "
Anton Giulio Barrile

"Arezzo as a heaven on earth is flax Fretwell, wind aulisce violet. Where are the Uguccioni Faggiuola and miter Guglielmino cavalier? [...] Van Guitton your sonnets, songs of Petrarch for your hills and valleys, and with the voice of love you talk to me. Brown ti miro dall'aereo loggia t'alz? Benedict of Maiano. Fan wreath where the clouds and Catenaia Lignano and Pietramala rests. E f?nnoti garlands on the branches of the wave shape of your jars orn? hand folding of figulo pay for him when living clay irrigation ditch. "
Gabriele D'Annunzio


  • Fair
    Historical Center, every first Sunday of the month and the preceding Saturday.
  • Giostra del Saracino
    Piazza Grande, second last Saturday of June and first Sunday in September.
    Equestrian game that has its roots in the Middle Ages where it mimics the fight against the marauder horsemen Arabic
  • New Wave
    Starting from 2007 will be held at various locations, July
    The wave becomes Arezzo Italy wave. The festival is mainly focused on rock music, participating in both groups who debutant artists.
  • Polyphonic choral
    last week of August
    Dedicated to Guido Monaco, participating in high-level choirs from all over the world.

Useful numbers

Agenzia per il turismo di Arezzo
Piazza Risorgimento, 116
Phone 0575 23952 / 3 - Fax 0575 28042

Tourist Information
Piazza della Repubblica, 28
Phone 0575 377678 - Fax 0575 20839

Getting there

  • In Car
  • By Train
    Railway line: Rome-Milan stop in Arezzo.
    Railways LFI put in communication with the Arezzo Casentino and Valdichiana.
  • By Plane
    The airport of Pisa is far from Arezzo about 167 Km
  • The airport of Florence from Arezzo is about 77 Km


It is the ancient Aretium, one of the twelve Etruscan cities, then a Roman colony. Ghibelline became common, long fought against Florence and other Tuscan towns Guelphs. In this stormy period, and not always happy, that goes from the beginning of the thirteenth century to the death of Guido of Tarlati (1327), Arezzo reached a magnificence and prosperity as never had over the centuries. Towards the end of the fourteenth century the city was sold to rival Florence, finally losing his freedom. There followed a long period of calm, shaken in 1799 after the Napoleonic troops who were driven out, however. By 1815, after the Congress of Vienna, Arezzo and the whole province came to be part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany reconstituted, until in 1861 following a plebiscite were annexed to the Kingdom of Italy.