Parks in the province of Pistoia

Nature Reserve dell'Abetone
Named "Boscolungo", the area assumed the name of Abetone after slaughter of a large fir tree at the venerable age of over four hundred years was sacrificed in the name of the road, in the eighteenth century, joined the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in Modena .

The presence of these giants is so rich as to form the largest group of conifers in Canada, where their presence is rather low given the climatic conditions required: cold, temperatures rather stiff, moist environment. If the spruces grow spontaneously, those whites have been planted as dall'Ottocento, to recover a badly damaged excessive forest exploitation. Besides these specimens, some of which are secular, others are common tree species such as beech.

Crossing many trails or forest roads, areas shaded by a thick forest mantle alternate path is open and bright, where there is a greater variety of flowers. Going up the slopes the forest gives way to grasslands altitude until reaching the peaks of winter, is snow-covered mountain for happiness Ski enthusiasts who can find the necessary equipment and facilities for the holiday of nature and fun.

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Nature reserve of Fucecchio Padule
In southern Valdinievole is the largest swamp Italian, predominantly located in the province of Pistoia. It is the ideal environment for birdwatching enthusiasts, in fact guided tours allow you to achieve strategic points to stop where you can observe the many birds that stop here during migration and also the many sedentary species such as lapwing, the sgarza ciuffetto, the heron guardabuoi.


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