Abbazia di San Fabiano

Existing abbey appears as early as 1082, first belonging to the Benedictine, then that Vallombrosano. It was a place of hospitality for pilgrims and sick people who, together with the Chapter in the sixteenth century, was later granted to the Franciscans in the eighteenth century. In 1783 the abbey became the seat of the seminar for the will of Bishop Scipione de 'Ricci.

The seminar

Aside from the sober fa?ade of the Romanesque style, the former monastery has retained the look eighteenth and around the courtyard. Keeps various works of the XVI-XVIII centuries, among which is reminiscent of a painting by Rosi and a painting of Michael Colombe (circa 1580).
Inside there is also a library, created for the humanities and theological studies of his students and now regularly open to the public.

The church

A side of white facade alberese, enlivened by geometric dichromate, stands the interesting fifteenth-cotta bell, polygonal plan.
The interior has retained its original structure with three naves separated by arches on columns, despite the remaking of Adelio Colza in Neo-Romanesque style. It is down that you must not forget to turn our gaze to admire the precious fragments of the beautiful mosaic floor, dating from the IX and XII, in which white and weaving green create fanciful decorative motifs, similar to those of eastern fabrics, which are reproduced by the silk embroidery lucchesi: on dark Girali containing mythological animals, panthers, griffins, crosses. Of particular merit is the wooden crucifix of the sixteenth century located in front of the choir eighteenth.