"Above a high Tuscan hill, fifty miles away from Florence, between Arezzo and Perugia, rises altieri the no less noble ancient city of Cortona. Has in front of a beautiful and spacious flat, from one side and the other vague hills and valleys, and the back is high but bearing mountains. His figure was of the framework, is longer than that very large, around noon time. Her district is fertile and abunda much of what the human food is necessary. "
Giacomo Lauro

"Dear mother, it is market day in Cortona. The square is in a festive mood, and everyone is invited. [...] I'd like to stay longer, but the bell reminds me of time passing. 'Ding-dang-dong', said the bell, instead of 'ding-dong'.
Audrey Wells

"I remember two Cortona: that climbs and descending. What salt is a labyrinth of streets without doors and windows, narrow stairways, arches, walls of corrugated, of stones in the midst of which rise to a blade of grass [ ...] The one that goes down is very different because, not being the eyes facing up, they discover the sun, a vast plain, the lake and far away, closer, the roofs, the bell, the shape of roads and Finally, the windows [...] In short, view from below, Cortona is the penumbra rather 'cold, hard city, medieval, view from above is a celestial observatory. "
Thierry Laget


Giostra dell'Archidado / archidado / giostra.htm
Various locations, between May and June
Historical re-enactments, medieval dinners, races crossbowmen, falconry shows, exhibitions of flag-waving ... this and much more to experience the charm of the past in the frame of this noble medieval village.

Tuscan Sun Festival / main.html
Various venues, the penultimate Saturday of June and first Sunday in September.
One of the most important events in the world of classical music. The exceptional quality of the bill are in addition numerous meetings with writers, visual arts exhibitions and other events. Inaugura the 2007 Sofia Loren.

Useful numbers

Agency for Tourism
Via Nazionale 42
Phone 0575 630352 - Fax 0575 630656

Getting there

  • In Car
  • By Train
    Along the line Rome-Florence, get off at station Terontola or Camucia.
    Along the line Terontola-Assisi-Perugia-Terni, you should get off at station Terontola.
  • By Plane
    The international airport of Florence is about 120 Km
    The domestic airport is Perugia 60 Km


Cortona's origins are still shrouded in mystery. Many legends have arisen around its foundation, among others assigned to a descendant of Noah and mythical Dardanus by Virgil. The first settlements are sure the Etruscans, of which there are many artefacts.

After the Roman domination, it was occupied by the Goths in 450. In the twelfth century it became a town famous for its arts and its crafts. During the Trecento Ghibelline passed by the diocese to worship, and this remained until 1409.
It was sold to Florence in 1411 and came in the sixteenth century became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, followed the fortunes.