Monastery of Santa Maria a Ripa

Renowned for its spa Montecatini guards at the top that the monastic complex formed by the Roman church and other buildings later. If the church seems to be dated around the XIII century, the monastery was built instead in 1533, when a group of women decided to embrace the Rule of Hermits of St. Augustine. After the deletions Lorena and Napoleon, the convent went back to play its old role But hosting the nuns of the Benedictine who are still present, providing hospitality for spiritual retreats and prayer daily.

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Festivals of the Monastery

  • February 10, St. Scholastica Sister of St. Benedict
  • March 21, Transit of St. Benedict
  • 11 July Patronage of Saint Benedict
  • August 15 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church of the holder of the Monastery

Getting there

  • By train
    Yes advised to get off at Montecatini Terme