Parks in the province of Florence

Parco delle Cascine
Parco delle Cascine, the green lung of Florence. Emanuele Repetti describes it thus in his Dictionary orographic: "Awesome Viali lined by a double line of trees of various kinds, from rosaj of hedges, other plants olezzanti and always green, vast grasslands, graceful trees, picturesque and vague prospects, which serve Field, squares, sources, statues, quadrivvj, edifizj rural and Regi Casini, these are part of the Cascine, which yields the most delicious ognor for treatment union of the ruling can be said to be the Champs Elysees in the capital of Tuscany, the place of public passage wider, more comfortable, more acceptable and more attended by all classes of people are foreign or domestic. "

Le Cascine farm were born as Alessandro and Cosimo I de 'Medici, to hunting and grazing livestock, which is linked to the current name, became a real public park during the Napoleonic period, in the Elisa Baciocchi. Among immense meadows, forests of cedars, poplars and horse chestnuts, among tree-lined streets and alleys there are several architectures, for in various sports, such as the Racecourse Mill. And yet numerous fountains gush jets of water into the cool shady; is the case than that of Narcissus, a source not only water but also the inspiration for the English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley who composed the Ode to the West wind.

Opening hours: Always open

Events, excursions
Festa del Grillo. At Ascension we celebrate with this holiday of pagan origin, the return of spring. The crickets are released from the cages, as a sign of good luck.

Getting there
By train
From Santa Maria Novella in Florence can be reached by taxi or bus to the park.