Hermitage Calomini

Dug into the bare rock, this hermitage peeping among the towering cliffs of the mountain that houses inside the sacristy of the church and much of the convent. Around the foundation of this shrine are looming in many legends, mostly related to 'image of the Virgin venerated there n. A local tradition has it that it was a shepherdess in the forest to find where the icon mysteriously became sacred back after it had been in the church of Gallicano. It was after this miracle they decided to raise in that place a church and then there are many miracles that are attributed to this picture became the object of veneration and pilgrimage. In reality it seems more likely that the hermitage is built in an attempt to recreate an environment similar to that of the ascetics of the Thebaid. And it seems that the objective has been achieved in full. Architecture human nature and architecture are interwoven with each other and the rock is placed in stucco, with arches and columns.

From the main church, decorated in eighteenth-century style, it enters the sacristy, the original place of worship, which was in the seventeenth century, furnished with splendid carved furniture. From here the tour continues in the old kitchen and in cells of the friars, who dug the sacristy.
Who wants to enjoy for a while 'the peace that is relished in this place, live the atmosphere here that you breathe, can stay in the guest house, consisting of eight rooms, partly dug into the rock. Downstairs is a restaurant, which also backs onto the mountain. Days will be well spent because the area is rich in tourist attractions such as the Wind Cave which is located inside the park Apuane .

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Getting there

  • By train
    The nearest station is to Barga-Gallicano