"T'amo city of worry, fierce Pistoia, blood pel de 'Bianchi your e de' tuoi Blacks, who rosseggiar ne 'see your palace proud, uom partisan with ancient joy"
Gabriele D'Annunzio

"The people of Pistoia is a gracious, slow, peaceful, and [...], than the rest, that is not here, we can say in all conscience that Pistoia abbian all of Tuscany, except the bad side "
Curzio Malaparte


Pistoia Blues
Various venues, July
Website: www.pistoiablues.com

Concerts with internationally renowned artists

Giostra dell'Orso
Piazza del Duomo; July 25 of each year, the Feast of San Jacopo, Patron of Pistoia
Historical parade and with jousting tournament played between twelve knights, three for each of the four districts that take their name from the city gates

Useful numbers
Agency for Tourism
Piazza Duomo, 4
Phone 0573 21622

How to reach

  • By car
  • By train
    Communications follow the path of the main streets: links with Florence, Lucca, Prato, Bologna
  • By plane
    The nearest airport, well connected with the local railway, is to Florence


Pistoia was founded in the second century by the Romans. It was a free commune in 1000 enacting in 1177 its statutes. Became a powerful center of trade and military disputes with Ebbe Florence from which came the defeat but managed to maintain its independence until the sixteenth century Pope Clement VII established the Grand Duchy of Pistoia ruled by the Medici who later was annexed to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in 1848 was declared the capital the compartment.