Holidays in Livorno

"And again my native city, my beautiful city roaring, and the diffuse mar el'incantata shore, and fresh mysteries ombran plants. And again the dock giulia, that water Dall'Olio a leafy forest of masts in the horizon is wide and solemn. Even to see the shining lord always animated spacious streets, the faces I see love shine, I will shine in the summer, but not be seeing you, you sweet flower, blossomed as you smell auras, which were removed, poor sister, as a way to die young and beautiful. "
Giovanni Marradi

"Livorno, beautiful and gentle queen of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the beach always flourished and green, enhanced by its gaie songs brune, gracefulness, popular, nice for the proverbial simplicity and the innate hospitality of its Baldi and energetic children, Livorno [...] sits at the southern end of a low plain, that from the left bank of the shore stretches up to the hills of Montenero: the blue billow kisses and reflects vaguely "
Emilio Girardi

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Effetto Venezia
District of New Venice, about ten days in the month of August
Ten days of music, markets, shows, exhibitions, games and entertainment under the stars, in the most beautiful in the old town of Livorno.

Premio Ciampi
First days of December
Festival competition is proposed by one side to remember the work dell'omonimo Leghorn songwriter and the other to give space to those that are the basis of originality of their proposed musical.

Useful numbers

Agency for Tourism
Piazza Cavour, 6
57126 Livorno
Phone 0586 204611 - Fax 0586 896173

Getting there

  • By train
    The station is on the line linking Turin and Genoa to Rome.
    The city is also directly connected with Pisa and Florence.
  • By plane
    The nearest airports to the city are the Galileo Galilei of Pisa and the Florence Amerigo Vespucci.
  • By boat
    The ports of Livorno and Piombino ensure close connections with the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica.

The History of Livorno

Trecento in Livorno was a village and had a small port. In 1421 became a Genoese possession, and then Florence. Towards the middle of the sixteenth century, with the decline of the port of Pisa, Livorno to increased prestige to become the most important state Medici through a series of interventions such as improvement the system of fortifications, the completion of the canal which connected to Pisa and the promulgation relief and tax incentives. Cosimo II was to complete the port and to set up a warehouse with goods that the port city lost in a unit of Italy.