Abbazia di San Capras

The Abbey of San Capras is the oldest monument in Aulla. It was founded in 884 in a castle guarding an important road junction, for want of Adalbert I, Marquis of Tuscany.

Headed first to the Virgin and then Saint Capras, the monastery was entrusted to the Benedictine order, related to the Malaspina family, which ruled Aulla until the beginning of the sixteenth century. Amended to 1070, the church took the plant with three naves, which still retains. Other speeches were made in time, the last of which operated at the end of the Second World War, which brought severe damage to structures.

Inside dell'abbazia recent excavations have unearthed the remains of three churches in the centuries stratificatesi.
Dslla church you enter the chapter room, where once the monks read and listened to the rule of St. Benedict has been set an interesting museum that lets you see the furnace to the bells of the tenth century, his clothes dell'abate of monaco, the pilgrim, and more.
Crossed this environment comes in the cloister where you can admire a beautiful display of medieval capitals depicting the Christian life.


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Getting there

  • By train
    The nearest station is to Aulla