Terme in the province of Massa Carrara

Terme di Equi
Location: Equi terme (Fivizzano)
Address: via Verde Noce
Phone: 0585 949300
Water can be classified as water-sulfur thermo-radioactive
Therapeutic indications: These waters are especially suitable in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory, ENT, skin, bone diseases and problems angiology
Treatments: inhalation treatments, massages, balnoterapia, cure deafness rhinogenous, massotherapy, peripheral vascular, beauty treatments and fitness bath large oval swimming pool.

Equi was already known to the ancient Romans for its spring, whose healing properties were recognized between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In 1890 a factory was built recently renovated and equipped with all amenities, which frame the splendid view of the Park of the Apuan Alps, in the heart of Lunigiana Eastern, the ideal place for a holiday thanks to the salubrious climate and scenic beauty

Terme di San Carlo
Location: San Carlo Terme (Massa)
Address: via dei Colli
Phone: 0585 47703
Water is cold mineral water (12 ? C), sodium chloride
Therapeutic indications: the water of San Carlo Source is suited to treatment in hydroponic urinary disorders in calculi in dyspepsia in pregnancy toxic, metabolic diseases and metabolic
Treatments: treatment hydroponic

"Mens sana in corpore sano", this old saying helps us to remember the importance of finding their own well-being through the achievement of a psycho-physical balance. Such a harmony was sought by the Romans in environments such as spas, therefore, not surprising to meet once more sources whose properties they were already well known and exploited.
The name dates back instead of baths to St. Charles Borromeo, bishop of Milan, that cured his kidney stones, drinking water from this source.
The spa, active since the thirties of the twentieth century, was completely renovated in 1992
Terme della Versilia
Location: Cinquale (Montignoso)
Address: Viale Marina, 1
Phone: 0585 807788
Website: www.villaundulna.com ; Www.termedellaversilia.com - E-mail: hotel@villaundulna.com
Water: mineral water is salt-bromine-iodine
Therapeutic indications: the use of this water gives good results with Arthro-rheumatic diseases, vascular and dermatological
Treatments: mud therapy, massage, massages, beauty treatments and fitness

"In every substance is silent and the light shines the silence [...] Between Serchio Magra and, at the leisure of the desert sea of sails, suspended is the charm. " These verses were composed by Gabriele d'Annunzio Undulna for poetry, which involves the name of this spa, nestled on the coast of Versilia, is ideal to combine a seaside holiday with the benefits of staying healthy.