Terme in the province of Grosseto

Terme di Sorano
Location: Sorano (Grosseto)
Phone: 056 4632028
Website: www.termedisorano.it

E-mail: info@termedisorano.it
Water: water within the spa is a magnesiocalcico and escapes from its source at a temperature of 37 ? C.
Therapeutic indications: We recommend the use of this water in case of vascular diseases, rheumatic and dermatological
Treatments: mud therapy, balneotherapy, massage, whirlpool

A Sorano, one of the most beautiful medieval villages of the Tuscan Maremma, lies this complex Spa which houses within it the millennial church of Santa Maria dell'Aquila, reported to its ancient splendor thanks to a careful restoration promoted by Antiche Terme Acqua di Sorano.
Currently, the spa includes a large swimming pool and numerous waterfalls that flow from powerful jets of water. During your stay in Sorano, do not forget to visit the many artistic and natural beauty of the area.

Terme di Etching of Bagnore
Location: Bagnore, Santa Fiora (Grosseto)
Phone: 0564 977079
Water: Water is nature bicarbonate calcium-magnesium, carbon and ozonized
Therapeutic indications: the use of these waters especially its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract and the urinary
Treatments: treatments hydroponic

Terme di Bagnolo
Location: Monterotondo Marittimo (Grosseto)
Address: Via del Str Bagnolo
Phone: 0566 916633
Water: this water that flows at 43/44 ? C is essentially bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy
Therapeutic indications: the water appears especially suitable in the treatment of respiratory diseases, arterial, rheumatoid arthritis, arthropathies, dermopatie, flobopatie, outcomes of fracture, disease altered parts, obesity, polyarthritis, stiffness post-traumatic
Treatment: aerosol therapy, balneotherapy, mud therapy, inhalation

Terme dell'Osa
Location: Orbetello (Grosseto)
Address: via degli Uberti Farinata, 6
Phone: 055 2337069
E-mail: osa3@osa-terme.net
Water can be classified as sodium chloride (brine), sulphate-calcium, alkaline, medium sulfur
Directions Therapeutic: These waters are suitable primarily to treat skin diseases
Treatments: balneotherapy, aerosol, heliotherapy, whirlpools, massage, sauna, spa somato-psychic, fitness, diet personalized beauty treatments, therapies and naturopathy omotossicologiche

Far from the frenetic rhythms of everyday life, you can enjoy the pleasure of making a trip back in time, visiting the area rich in archaeological finds of Etruscan, as you reclaimed the spa Osa. The successful placement of this complex, nestled among the green forests of the Regional Park of Maremma and a quiet beach, will be the pleasant scenery during your spa stay where you are in the care of medical staff and consultants for health and beauty

Terme di Pitigliano
Location: Pitigliano
Address: SP127 Del Pantano
Phone: 0564 615665
Website: www.hoteltermedipitigliano.com - E-mail: info@hoteltermedipitigliano.com
Water: the water is a sulfate-bicarbonate calcium-magnesium and flows at a temperature of 34 degrees.
Therapeutic indications: the use of this water is recommended for different uses, from research into the psycho-physical balance detoxification, skin problems than physiotherapy
Treatments: balneotherapy, aerosol, heliotherapy, whirlpools, massage, sauna, beauty treatments gynecological, pulmonary ventilation, beauty treatments

The first use of a spa dating back to Etruscan and Roman, to which some ex voto that testify to the presence of a temple linked to the cult salutifero water. It was especially during the period of the "Romanization" that began to exploit the potential of this valuable natural resource of small building works Funnel and creating a real spa, of which some remains have been found thanks to recent archaeological excavations in an area bordering the park's

Terme di Roselle
Location: Roselle (Grosseto)
Address: via Batignanese 1
Phone: 348 7092951
Water is nature-sulphate alkaline-earth
Treatments: closed

Already famous by the ancient Romans, a fact some findings on the spot, they returned to the thermal waters are exploited for their healing properties since at least the fourteenth century, as evidenced by a document dated 1334

Terme di Saturnia
Location: Saturnia (Grosseto)
Phone: 0564 600111
Website: www.termedisaturnia.it - E-mail: info@termedisaturnia.it
Water: the water of Saturnia is defined as sulfureo-carbon-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy.
Therapeutic indications that several are the properties of this water that has a healing of digestive disorders, respiratory, vascular, musculoskeletal system, of dismetabolismi and problems of otorhinolaryngology, stomatology, dermatology
Treatment: Rehabilitation motor activity, vascular, respiratory, beauty treatments, mud therapy, peripheral vascular, balneotherapy, massage, inhalation treatments, hydroponic treatments, physiotherapy care, rehabilitation therapies, irrigations

The birth of the Terme di Saturnia is rooted in mythology: it is said that the god Saturn, to punish the men in their nature belligerent, threw a thunderbolt on earth. At the point struck by lightning is divine generated a crater from which flowed hot and sulphurous waters whose beneficial elements calm the men, making them wiser and happier!
As in that distant past, they still abundant water flow from the crater of the volcano, in the heart of Maremma. Staying at this spa you can stroll along the paths of the park where it is immersed.
Current destination spa celebrities, Saturnia has with the