"As the winter next year, have now decided to go to pass Massa Carrara [...] That climate is excellent, similar to that of Nice, and maybe better than that of Rome: there never snows, and you quit and Ferraiuolo without walking in the middle of the public square of orange trees grow, planted in the ground "
Giacomo Leopardi

"You know [...] What is a Mass in the square all surrounded by double rows of orange trees? You know that these lines has seen my mother when he married young, and now I look at them from the hotel window? "
Joshua Carducci


Festival Ballet
Various venues, July

It is summer. It is time to dance. The participants of this international dance may use the advice of some of the most authoritative international experts, partly known to the public television broadcast of the Friends. Compete sparkling, perfect for those who want to experience as a protagonist, engaging with music and football the most beautiful outdoor stage and theater Guglielmi di Massa.

Giostra della Quintana Cybea
Historical Center, the first Saturday and Sunday of August each year

Grande rievocazione storica del Cinquecento con giostra cavalleresca e grande corteo storico con 600 figuranti ed ancora spettacoli con saltimbanchi e fuochi d?artificio.

Numeri utili
Agenzia per il turismo
Lungarno Vespucci, 23 - 54037 Marina di Massa (MS)
Telefono 0585/240046 - Fax 0585/869015

Come arrivare

  • In Auto
  • In Aereo
    The international airport of Pisa is just a few minutes of travel; airport taxis, buses and trains are run on the coast with stops in all major countries.
  • By Train
    Passing from the stations of mass center and / or Carrara Avenza lines Ventimiglia-Roma Genoa-Bologna, Milan-Livorno.


Already at the time of the ancient Romans was present in this area a station on the Via Emilia Scauri, it is only in the sixteenth century that mass is formed entirely through the action of Alberico I Cybo-Malaspina who organized several villages of Roman and medieval, in the form of a single center, the mass CIBE. Through its activities to ensure the economic development of cities, mass assumed increasing importance until it became principality. With the death of Alberico I began a period of crisis, which had missed the much of the city until then had prestige. Later it was ruled by Baciocchi and Ducato Estense, which absorbed the city in 1829.