Film in the province of Livorno

How they found the love of Mazzacurati train stops at the station in Livorno Central and you, as Stefano Accorsi in the film, get your coach ready to face this journey where you will be accompanied by the melody of the crash of the waves of the sea, by the genuine and strong odor of an old kitchen, bright colors of the Mediterranean maquis.

Reach Cisternone square, dominated by the neoclassical style building, where Vittorio De Sica Sophia Loren has directed a string of kidnappings of Altona won the David di Donatello and then head towards the area known as the New Venice because of the many canals that cross, walking on its streets and its bridges, which have witnessed the loving misadventures of Marcello Mastroianni ne White Nights , films with Luchino Visconti won the Silver Lion in Venice.

From here you arrive in a short time on the promenade labronico and, as a framework for Giovanni Fattori, that you walk attended by several couples, including those not missing film, as Accorsi and Sansa already mentioned in Love and found Ovosodo of Virz?. At this point deserves mention in this film as the school attended by the young actor has been rebuilt in the environments of the villa Fabbricotti, current home of the Library Labronica, surrounded by the most beautiful national park.

Strolling along the seafront soffermatevi to see the old fortress, located on Darsena Medici, the result of a restructuring at the sixteenth Mastio Matilde, bulwark of the eleventh century, and then stop on the Terrazza Mascagni which offers a view over the Mediterranean Sea and, on days terse, the islands of the Tuscan archipelago. Such a view gives easy to understand the reasons that led many directors to use as background immortalize in film sequences of their films, including escalation, there is first by Roberto Faenza and Good morning Babilonia achieved by Taviani brothers co-produced with France and with an international cast.

Finished the walk this journey continues to the discovery of one of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of the Tuscan coast for both the archaeological treasures that holds, from which comes the name of the Etruscan Coast, both for the breathtaking beauty of its wild landscape, sometimes inaccessible, from vibrant colors immortalized during the Macchiaioli from. Along the coast road that winds through breathtaking reefs appears there laughing in the sun the Mediterranean which are shrubs and trees in any season with their green mantle reviving the rocky slopes with abundant blooms. While running on the road do not be distracted by the charm of these places and pay attention to the curves that were fatal to Jean-Louis Trintignant and Vittorio Gassman reckless driving spyder in its final scene of The overtaking Dino Risi.

Follow the journey of this famous pair and head towards the cliffs of Calafuria, dominated after the tower built by Cosimo I de 'Medici in defense of coast. This angle, one of the most beautiful of the coast, was used as a film set in Pellegrini's love Forzano, states where a young Sofia Loren, and without mercy on Lattuada. Then cross the bridge Calignala, taken in the famous film by Anthony Minghella The Talented Mr. Ripley. From here you can see in the distance, situated suggestively on a rock overlooking the sea, the castle Sidney Sonnino, named in memory of the Foreign Minister who was the owner and who is buried in one of the natural caves that surround the walls. At this point, how curious you may indicate that the origin of the name that is shown here, the Romito, derives from the presence of these natural cavities in the soil used in the past by Gesuati Montenero as a hermitage.

Accompanied by the gentle sound of waves breaking against the cliffs overlooking the sea, you can see built on some of these houses belonged to famous people, including Marcello Mastroianni and remind Alberto Sordi reminded that this place as "a little paradise surrounded by forests of pines and oaks, azalea plants, geranium, zinnia.

Castiglioncello Thus arrive at Castiglioncello, a real pearl in the Tyrrhenian coast, which over the years has often been chosen as a holiday resort famous names from the entertainment world. Stop and rest in its pine forest and you're ready to visit this enchanting place, and give you the magnificent seaside promenade which winds along the cliffs overlooking the sea, striped bush. Flooded by the sun, sometimes the road is shaded nicely by the foliage of pines and oaks. Going arrive near Rosignano Solvay Mario Monicelli where he directed Giancarlo Giannini and Goldie Hawn in Journey with Anita.

Continuing along the coast your journey ends in that stretch where the inaccessible cliffs give way to a strip of beach so white and lapped by clear blue sea to be similar in some ways to the tropical beaches. These are the famous white beaches located between Vada and Rosignano Faenza where he shot some scenes of Escalation. If you happen to this place during the warmer months so you can enjoy a day of relaxing on the beach that is completely free bathing.