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You are choosing to go on holiday and you're unsure between the desire to relax away from the busy city and to travel to the discovery of artistic treasures, including the desire to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature and ancient sites of interest in history, rich in tradition animated by festivals, fairs and concerts?

Why choose when you can find all this in one region: Tuscany.

In any province you choose to go, you can enjoy hiking in the parks, home to many wild animals, admire the thousands of beauty found in large cities and in small towns, stroll to discover the film sets of many films that were shot, relax centers spas, enjoy the dishes of traditional cuisine poor, but rich in tasty flavors.

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Holidays for Art

Tuscany and art are inseparable. Home to many genes, such as Leonardo and Michelangelo, whose magnitude is still celebrated throughout the world, Tuscany has been immortalized over the centuries by artists, sung by poets and prose writers, loved by tourists, for the undisputed beauty and large amount of its treasures.

Not only the big cities such as Florence, Siena, Pisa, but also towns like Pienza and San Gimignano are part of an artistic heritage of such value to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visits the set of the movie

"Turn in Tuscany was a pleasure from start to finish. The scenery is breathtaking, magical light and the people warm and gentle" Kenneth Branagh

"Directorial aspect that I be given the opportunity to shoot in Tuscany because, besides being a child, do not think the world exists a land so full of inspiration, beauty, natural diversity which combines the intelligence and 'culture' of its inhabitants "Franco Zeffirelli

"Tuscany is the land that every time I feel back home," Sergio Castellitto

These are the comments made by some of the distinguished directors who have always choose Tuscany as a movie set. From small film with a small budget to big Hollywood productions discover some of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of films shot in each province and organize your holiday for a visit.

Religious itineraries in Tuscany

Tuscany was confirmed over the centuries the land of saints. Many of those who have found on the slopes of its hills, the green of its forests, quiet corners of paradise where you can hear the voice of God, living in harmony with God's creation.

Hermitages, monasteries, shrines are today places of ancient spirituality, living longer than ever, revealing a soul fervent and generous in offering more and more welcome and hospitality to anyone, beyond the faith, want to rediscover the rhythms of a peaceful life, serene, in contact with nature, the pleasure of rediscovering themselves.

If you want your holiday to be this you can organize it by following our recommendations for accommodation in bed and breakfast or luxury hotel.


Holidays for the Terme in Tuscany

One of the main treasures of Tuscany flowing into the bowels of his land: it is the many hot springs whose valuable sources are renowned since antiquity for their beneficial curative effects. Besides that for the Romans the training of the mind go hand in hand with the care of the body is known to all, less known it is that at these "clear, fresh and sweet water" Tuscan numerous famous people, Italians and foreigners, have found over the centuries relief and benefit.

Attend the spa is not just treating specific diseases, but also take care of themselves in general, take time; This is one of the more luxuries in a time that we often want to run. Abandoned the hectic pace of the city, you can relax immersed in a bath of steam within ancient caves or in large open ponds and download the tensions in the pleasant feeling of relaxation massage and other treatments offered by a specialized staff.

In the above, we add the wonderful scenery landscape that frames these spas. For all these reasons, the baths are increasingly chosen as a destination for a rejuvenating holiday stay. You too can come for your holiday in Tuscany staying desired directly at the Spa.

Holidays in the nature

The rolling hills shaped for spectacular rows of cypresses, the boundless fields turned on by a thousand colors, pristine environments marsh, lakes set in open valleys, the fascinating series of gullies and in an almost lunar landscape, the lush greenery of gardens and forests , mountain ranges from sharp and soaring forms, coasts from sand and jagged coves and inlets, covered by Mediterranean bush, the rocky cliffs overlooking the sea crystal, the seven "pearls" of the Tuscan archipelago ... all this in single region.

This variety allows the landscape to countless species of animals and plants to find their perfect home in Tuscany.

Tuscan Holiday offers you to explore these issues by organizing your vacation to visit ecological in Tuscany.